Estate Planning

Living Will, Power of Attorneys,Trust

It is never too early to have an estate plan and have written documents which communicate your desire to distribute your assets at the time of your demise.  It can start with making sure that beneficiaries and trust on death (TODs) are established on all financial accounts.  Then, a basic will can direct the court on how to disperse all remaining assets such as homes, vehicles, property and personal items.  A Trust document can be written to disperse assets or hold and control assets for minor and can avoid probate court.

Financial Power Of Attorney and Medical Power of Attorneys (POA)

Financial POA documents can be created and used by a family member to act on your behalf for financial matters. Medical POAs can used for medical decisions in the event that you were unable to make decisions due to health reasons.

It is possible to utilize trusts for Medicaid planning, in addition to probate avoidance planning. Since each type of trust is governed by a specific set of guidelines and laws, it is important that you have a knowledgeable lawyer who can explain to you the benefits and drawbacks of any trusts you may be looking to utilize.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning Resources

We can provide you with complimentary templates and documents that you create your own will and POA documents.

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We have partner attorneys that can review your current estate plan, help you update and make sure that it meets your current needs.

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