Guaranteed Income

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Expert Discussion on Annuities

Why Annuities

Why Annuities?

Professor Milevski offers his response to the commonly asked question: “Why should I invest in an annuity?”

Why Should I Own an Annuity

Why Should I own an Annuity

Professor Milevski explains that not only does he advise others to buy a variable annuity, he bought one himself.

Longevity Insurance

Longevity Insurance

Professor Milevsky describes how a guaranteed income annuity is similar to income insurance to continue over a long life.

How Experts perceive Annuities

How are Annuities Perceived by Experts?

Professor Milevsky discusses the perception of annuities among experts in academic texts over the past 50 years

Can I Buy a Pension

Can I Buy a Pension?

Professor Milevsky explains that annuities can be like pension in today’s retirement planning

Assets Might Make You Miserable

Economist and Author Tom Hegna explains that each client has a different vision of happiness in retirement and adding lifetime income can provide additional financial security

Are you income ready for Retirement?

Everyday people react to the concept of a protected lifetime income stream