Medicare Planning

On July 30, 1965 President Lyndon B Johnson signed into Law the bill that to led to the existence of Medicare and Mediaid.   Today, this is the primary health insurance for retirees over the age of 65.  Although many rely on its existence, most do not understand how to receive the benefits, what benefits are covered and what gaps or holes remain in the coverage.

Therefore, we provide assistance on helping our clients apply for Medicare A and B benefits through Social Security.  We review the Medicare benefits and gaps in the coverage and provide gap coverages that can pay for additional deductibles and co-insurance not covered by Medicare.  Since Medicare does not coverage prescription drugs and dental plans, we have the ability to provide insurance solutions to help pay for prescriptions and dental services.

As an independent Medicare Planning Specialists, we provide the following:

  • Medicare Supplements: Mutual of Omaha, BCBS, AETNA, Gerber and many more
  • Medicare Advantage: Priority Health Medicare, BCBS Medicare, BCN Medicare Advantage
  • Part D Prescription Drug Plans: Humana, Silverscript and many more
  • Dental and Hearing Aid Benefits
  • Indemnity plans that can pay cash benefit to cover deductibles or copays ACI and Guarantee Trust Life


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