Social Security Planning

Today, there is alot of noise about social security in the media.  Often these headlines can cause confusion and doubt-especially if you are personally approaching retirement.  Many people count on Social Security as a key part of their retirement planning.  So, when there is talk about the government’s ability to pay social security benefits, it leads to anxiety about one’s retirement plan and income.

In 1945, there were 41.9 workers per beneficiary.  Today, there are 2.8 workers for each beneficiary, and the ratio continues to grow.  By 2035, there is expected to be only 2.1 workers for each beneficiary.  With fewer workers paying the taxes to support a great number of retirees.  The system cannot longer support current benefits from current income.  Therefore, it is critical to have a retirement income plan and strategy for income outside of social security and work with a financial retirement income planner.

Most people know very little about how Social Security works, the choices that are available and how to maximize their benefits.

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Common Questions:

  • Will Social Security be there when I need it?
    How are benefits Determined?
  • How can I make the most out of benefits available?
  • We have over 25 years of helping retirees apply for social security benefits, maximizing benefits and understand how it fits into their retirement income plan.

There is no cost for review and analysis of social security benefits and we answer common questions such as

  • When should I take social security benefits?
  • How do I receive social security benefits?
    Can I continue to work and receive social Security Benefits or would they be reduced?
  • Are Social Security Benefits taxed?

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You have questions, we have answers.  Feel Free to contact us to schedule a complimentary Social Security Planning review.

Chart: Does It Pay to Delay Taking Social Security Benefits?

Did you know that for every year you defer your social security benefit payment, it can increase by 8 and can add up to thousands of dollars over a lifetime?

Did you know that there may be benefits of taxing social security early or waiting?


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