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Anchored by their desire to always do what is right and in the best interst of the client, Kiss Financial's best serve clients that: 

  • Apprecaite working with an independent financial planning firm that soley represents the needs and intersts of their cients rather than any specific company
  • Would benefit from a comprehensive approach to financial planning that includes a customized written plan covering income distribution, money management, insurance, taxes, long term care needs, and estate planning. 
  • Want to generate income tailored to thier lifestyle while having the potential to maintian or accumulate assets through retirement.
  • Have grown their retirement nest egg or inherited assets that make them feel the need to engage with a competent financial planning firm, possibly for the first time. 

Many of Kiss Financial's best client relationships have been related to:

  • People at or near age 65 and are exploring Medicare Supplement and Advantage options.
  • Pre-retires wondering if they can retire comfortably without running out of money.
  • Individuals that would loike to review their existing 401k plans, work retirement plans, life insurance or annuity contracts; specifically for appropriate ownerhsip and beneficiary reviews
  • Friends and family memebers and their referrals of others they care for. 

The Benefit of an Independent Advisor

As an independent financial planning firm, we solely represent the needs and interests of our clients rather than any specific company. While some financial institutions recommend proprietary products, we do not. Our independence and objectivity allow us to provide our clients unbiased recommendations and unwavering commitment that they deserve.

Fiduciary Responsibilities

As FINRA registered representatives, our financial planners act as fiduciaries, which means they have an obligation and responsibility to act in the best interests of our clients. A fiduciary investment adviser is obligated to choose investment products that are in the best interests of their client regardless of self-interest or a third party's interests.

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